Currently SOD OFF is looking for artists, writers, makers and those generally interested in creative practice who would like the opportunity to develop a workshop, based around their arts practice. The workshops are themed below:

Dec/Jan – Creative Writing, Poetry, Storytelling

February – Music & Performance

April – Dance, Live Art & Physical Theater
May – Video & Photography

June – Pre festival programming

July – Sculpture, Drawing and Painting

August – Festival of all work undertaken and produced during workshops

At present each workshop would consist of 2/3 leaders leading a group of participants over the space of a weekend. As a skills exchange between artists, each person contributing to the running of a weekend workshop will have the opportunity to participate in any of the other workshops. We are interested in anyone willing to assist a workshop who may feel unable to offer a full weekend workshop and will be looking for photographers and graphic designers to document each stage of the process for our websites and fliers.

Currently there is some reimbursement for time and travel and we are waiting to hear back from further funding